Overwhelmed by Addiction: How to Heal the Hurting in Your Safe Haven

Drug addiction, amongst other addictions, is a serious epidemic that is becoming increasingly more prevalent in our homes, schools, and churches. It is estimated that about 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs. One of the most prevalent issues amongst drug addiction right now is individual’s addiction to prescription pain killers – opioids.

Unfortunately, the church has become overwhelmed with addiction – marriages are ending, lives are being taken too soon, and kids and parents alike are suffering due to the actions of their loved ones. Sadly, this often creates a divide in our church. There are those suffering visibly, those suffering in silence, and those who just feel they are too good to be involved with either party.

But, how are these actions helping heal our church, our safe haven, and place of worship?

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should be helping each other. And as Christ followers, we should be doing everything we can to rid our place of worship of the evil one and the drug addiction he has brought upon us.

Reach out if you think someone is hurting.

Talk to those around you and find out what is going on in their lives. If you suspect someone is struggling, offer them your love, advice, and prayers. The most important part of recovery is having helping hands and support along the way. One of the quickest ways to heal your church is to find out who is in need. Offer a helping hand to anyone who might need it and walk with them along their road to recovery.   Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers can be one of the best options for treating addiction, Spirit, soul, body.

Christian Addiction Treatment Programs Can Help

Stop looking the other way.

Avoiding a situation does not make it any better. Rather than looking the other way because you are too embarrassed to ask if someone is struggling, ask God to give you the strength to help them however they might need it. By turning the other cheek, they might even assume you don’t care or are ashamed of them. It is always better to at least try to help someone and fail rather than not try at all.

Never turn your nose up.

Just because you sin differently does not make you any better than the person in the next pew ahead. Regardless of the drug or the addiction, do not turn your nose up. Remain humble and genuine, offering the person the support they need.

In the modern day, where addiction has become more prevalent than ever, it is important that we fight to keep our church clean. But, remember it is also our safe haven, so while we should try to rid it of sin, we should do so in a loving way – offering help and support to those who need it.