Overcoming Drug Addiction: How to Use Your Faith and Religion to Help

One of the most difficult aspects of drug addiction is the process of recovery. Recovery can be filled with anger, regret, withdraws and other symptoms that come with readjusting to life without drugs.

Effectively overcoming addiction takes strength and support. It takes financial, physical and emotional support from friends and family, as the road to recovery can be just as hard or harder than the addiction itself.

By adding faith and religion into your healing plan, you will find an influx of additional support and helpful tools that are made available to you.

Go to your church and seek support. Your fellow Christ followers should be more than happy to help you and support you in your journey to recovery. Ask them for their thoughts and prayers during this time. You will be amazed how much it will help you through the recovery process just by the love you feel from their thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

Use your faith and religion as a crutch to keep you standing and help you walk when you feel like you are stumbling. The Word of God offers great advice for times of turmoil and trouble. Try visiting a Bible study or seek help from your pastor. By diving deeper into the verses of encouragement, hope, and promises you will find yourself looking forward to the end product of being a new person. You will find words of encouragement through your faith for just about any emotion you are feeling during the recovery process.

Someone who struggles with addiction might have also been struggling spiritually from the beginning. Use your time of recovery to rekindle your faith. Dig deep within yourself and discover what is truly missing in your life – maybe it is time you worked on your faith and religion to restore the relationship you once had with God.

The power of prayer, and the power of God can cure any illness much more efficiently than any medication can. It is important that you rely on all your resources during recovery – including God.

Patients who have used their faith and religion in the recovery process before have reported less stress and anxiety, a more optimistic feeling toward recovery and a greater perception of social support.

Using your faith and religion gives you additional support, advice and a safe haven to go when you are feeling weak. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are there to help you, just don’t be afraid to ask.