3 Reasons Why Addiction is Killing Your Witness

Skeletons in the closet – we all have them. Secrets are part of life, and some secrets are worse than others.

Some people suffer from anger issues, some are alcoholics, for others it might be a pornography addiction and for some it is a drug addiction. Unfortunately, several people in the world are suffering from a drug addiction, and more so recently due to the outrageous opioid epidemic sweeping our world today.

In reality, your addiction might not be that bad – you still go to work, hang out with your family and attend church weekly. As long as you are functional, what harm could it really be doing?

Right? Wrong.

Dig beneath the surface. Drug addiction is not a victimless crime and it does come with consequences.

While you might continue to witness to others about your Savior, you are secretly killing your witness as you sit in your comfort zone and struggle with drug addiction:

1. You are not being truthful.

While some people may not know you are ill and only portraying that you are not struggling, you are lying to them. You cannot truly allow yourself to open up and share the love of Christ with them without being honest.

2. You are missing out on the greatness witness story of all time.

Addiction can be cured with God – through Him all things are possible, after all. One of the greatest tools of your witness is waiting for you, it is right in front of you. What an incredible story it would be to share with others how God has worked in your life and helped you recover from addiction. However, by hiding that you even have a problem, you are missing out on that witness.


3. You are actively living in sin.

Your witness is damaged when you are actively living in sin with no intentions of repentance. Sin is normal, it is part of life and we all do it at several points in our lives, however, we should always be looking to improve and get away from it. You should not continue to knowingly live a sinful life while trying to teach others how to escape sin.

For just a moment, take a step back and consider how drug addiction is affecting your life and your witness. It might actually be a good time to consider how to change your life before trying to help others change theirs.